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PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer nebulized ketamine treatments due to increased risk to patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to offer these treatments again in the near future. For updates, please contact our office.

What do we do?

Midwest Ketamine Center is Chicago’s first outpatient clinic offering Ketamine infusion treatments.  Since opening, we have taken care of hundreds of patients and have seen first hand how Ketamine changes lives.

Mood Disorders and Chronic Pain Syndromes can be severe and debilitating diseases. Currently, patients are being treated with various oral medications such as MAOIs, SSRIs, SNRIs, mood stabilizers, benzodiazepines, neuroleptics, and narcotics. Some patients achieve success with these traditional therapies, while many do not.

We offer cutting edge Intravenous and Nebulized Ketamine treatments for refractory Depression, PTSD, OCD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, RSD/CRPS and other chronic pain conditions via IV infusions as well as nebulized breathing treatments.  Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that has been used since the 1960’s with an excellent safety profile.  In the last two decades this medication has been increasingly studied for its ability in alleviating symptoms related to depression, mood disorders, and chronic pain.  Studies completed at multiple large and reputable academic institutions have shown great outcomes for patients that have not previously had good results with standard therapies.

We have seen how this therapy CHANGES LIVES and want to be able to make it MORE ACCESSIBLE to a larger patient population.  While ketamine itself is a relatively cheap, generic medication, the costs of operating a practice to deliver this treatment are relatively high.  We have tested a new delivery method for ketamine which significantly REDUCES the COST to the patient and will hopefully make this therapy within reach for many more patients out there that are suffering.

We pride ourselves in doing our best to take care of the individual needs of our patients.  This treatment is about more than just the medicine.  It is a positive change for your life, but those changes require quite a bit of guidance.  We know how to counsel you and will take the time to guide you to prevent any of the pitfalls while recovering from mood and pain disorders.

Insurance and Cost

At this time, ketamine infusions are not covered by insurance.  The cost of treatment is out-of-pocket, though you may submit invoices to your insurance for reimbursement.  See the “Cost” page under “Treatment Plan” for more information.

Ketamine Treatment for:

Mood Disorders

  • Major Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder

Chronic Pain Syndromes

  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • TemporoMandibular Joint Syndrome
  • Phantom Limb Pain
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia