Vikas Patel, MD

Dr. Vikas Patel MD is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and also a Veteran of the US Navy.  He served as a Flight Surgeon for the majority of his military career and has seen firsthand the devastation that depression, PTSD, and chronic pain can bring to the lives of military service members.

After leaving active duty, he completed his emergency medicine residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL where he took care of some of America’s highest acuity patients on the trauma and mental illness fronts. Since completing residency, he has remained in Chicagoland and has been a practicing emergency medicine physician as well as Director of Emergency Medicine at area hospitals.  Through his clinical and administrative roles, he has witnessed the hurdles that hospitals and patients must overcome to obtain care and treatments such as Ketamine.  As Ketamine treatments are off-label for this purpose, there are many legal obstacles, necessitating the existence of stand-alone clinics.

Illinois, like many states, has seen a significant reduction in resources allocated to mental health patients.  It is also a State that is at the forefront of the current prescription narcotic and heroin crisis.  Many of these patients become addicted to drugs of abuse due to undiagnosed or undertreated mood disorders.  Dr. Patel is very interested in helping to bridge the gap and give hope to people that are searching for another option when everything else has failed.  He is well versed in the safe use of Ketamine through his inpatient experiences.  He will work with your providers to develop a comprehensive treatment plan including Ketamine delivery.  He will help to coordinate your care to give you the best chance of success.  Ketamine may be an important step in rebuilding your life and Dr. Patel would like to help make that a reality.

Many Patients have left Testimonials sharing their stories and successes with Ketamine Treatments received at Midwest Ketamine. Please take time to read them. Together we are stronger.

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We understand firsthand how chronic disease affects patients and families.  We will do everything in our power to make you as comfortable as possible and our goal is to give you a chance at regaining normalcy.  We will be honest and up-front about your chances of success with our treatment regimens.  Chronic mood disorders and chronic pain syndromes rob patients and their loved ones of so many of life’s joys.

We feel it is our duty to try and help as many people as we can by providing treatment as cost-effective and safely as we can.

Chronic disease is a journey, and many people do not understand what severe chronic disease takes away from patients and their families.  Our treatment is a path to regaining some sense of normalcy in the lives of our patients.  We will help guide you through the recovery process, as it is much more complicated than just a few treatments in the office. We have taken care of many patients with disabling mood disorders and pain syndromes.

Use our experience and knowledge to help you feel better.  We want to help you and are dedicated to serving you as best we can.