Aerosolized Ketamine Experience

I have been coming to Midwest Ketamine Center outside of Chicago for 1 year now.  I don’t know how to explain the difference Dr. Vikas Patel and his staff have made in my life.  I was unable to work due to the severity of my symptoms.  I was skeptical, but I had run out of options.  Dr. Patel made me feel comfortable throughout the first three treatments.  I did not have that overwhelming good feeling that so many people recount when you read about ketamine in news articles.  My family, however, started to notice a change in me.  They said that I was more responsive.  I smiled.  I was engaged with them.  None of this was apparent to me until the second week of treatment.  Then, I too noticed and became a believer.  I was almost too scared to admit to myself, or to Dr. Patel that I was feeling better.  When you have suffered with depression for as long as I have, it is difficult to accept that things might be changing for the better.

Those first few months after treatment were a blur.  I felt a calmness I hadn’t had in so long, and my anxiety was replaced by motivation.  I actually had energy.  I was able to put my life back on track.  I applied for a job and began working again.  Every 9-12 weeks, I start to feel the tug of depression/anxiety creeping back in and I know I have to go in for a treatment.  The last time I came in for a treatment, Dr. Patel offered me aerosolized ketamine.  He assured me that I will feel the same and it will take the same duration, but there would be no needles.  The only major difference would be that I was going to have a slight medicinal taste of ketamine in my mouth.

I am happy to report that the aerosolized ketamine worked just like Dr. Patel said it would.  I felt exactly the same as I usually do with the IV.  And I feel just as well now as I normally do after I finish my regular IV treatment.

Ketamine has been a blessing for me.  Midwest Ketamine Center and Dr. Patel have also been a blessing.  The thing that sets Dr. Patel apart from most of the physicians I have dealt with in my life is that he listens.  He will spend as much time as he needs to with you to make you feel better.  He is not interested in running out the door.  He understands the loss most of us chronically depressed patients have gone through and explains clearly what the path to recovery looks like.  I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with ketamine, or Midwest Ketamine Center.


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