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Infusion Day

On the day of each infusion, you will need someone to accompany you to your appointment and drive you home as the Ketamine will leave you a little tired.

  • Please wear comfortable loose clothing so we are able to easily place the cardiac monitor leads under your shirt.  
  • Bring a light blanket of your choice.
  • You may bring headphones and listen to music of your choosing, preferably something soothing to you.  

Infusion times vary depending on the disease we are treating.

We will pretreat you with nausea medication when you first arrive to the center as Ketamine can cause some nausea in a minority of patients.  You can still eat and drink as you normally would the day of your treatment.

Most people find the Ketamine infusion experience to be pleasant.  Infusions are given in private rooms.  Patients do not usually sleep as the dose given is lower than an anesthetic dose.  Patients can read more about the actual infusion experience here.

The infusion for mood disorders generally lasts about 45 minutes, while for pain disorders, can be several hours.  Most effects of the medicine wear off within minutes after the infusion, but patients can feel more tired than usual for a few hours after the infusion.  Ketamine is generally well tolerated, but if any side effects are encountered such as visual disturbances or elevated blood pressure, our staff will quickly give IV medications to counteract them.

After infusions are completed, the duration of symptom relief can be variable.  Most patients will feel well for 1-2 months, but some can respond for up to 6 months.  Single booster infusions can be scheduled to achieve symptom relief again, and generally, no more is needed than a single booster infusion to achieve similar length of symptom relief.

Infusion at Midwest Ketamine Center