Ketamine and Autism

I am a mother of a 17 year old son who was diagnosed with autism at age two. For many years we have had significant issues with the symptoms that often go along with autism.

The most concerning and troubling for my son was his SEVERE  anxiety. When he turned 15, a new issue came into play—he became very depressed. Over the years we had traveled the east coast looking for help. We had countless doctors involved and tried many therapies and every medication out there.

My son seemed resistant to all conventional treatments and in many cases the medications he tried, made him worse or would end up suffering significant side effects.

We were, by now dealing with a teenage boy who refused to leave our home, had daily meltdowns, was angry, unhappy and distraught each and every day. His father and I were desperate to improve his quality of life and one day came upon an article on Ketamine infusions.

We began researching and reading all we could on the subject. However, we live in a rural community in central PA where these treatments were not offered.

In my research, I reached out to Dr. Vikas Patel and talked at length with him about the possibility of my son starting these treatments.

I was so impressed with his willingness to guide me through this process and his desire to truly want to help my son feel better that I would have jumped on a plane that day.

However, the significant issue was, that my son’s anxiety was so debilitating, I knew I would not be able to get him on a plane. This did not deter Dr. Patel’s eagerness to help my son and with his encouragement me were able to find a treatment center close to us.

Through the entire process, Dr.Patel was available by phone if I needed him, offering suggestions on course of treatment, general feedback and support, as my son endured the infusions.

He has since completed 6 infusions and is smiling and laughing for the first time in a very long time. He is going out in public again and seems like he is enjoying life, again.

I would recommend Dr. Vikas Patel and this treatment center because even though we were unable to make the trip to personally be treated by him, he was so willing to help my family get the resources we needed to help our son.

I believe in Ketamine and I believe in Dr. Vikas Patel. He is beyond a knowledgeable and devoted doctor but more importantly a compassionate person.

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