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We are excited to now offer patients ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Patients should expect to receive intravenous ketamine at a tailored dose, allowing them to relax their minds while remaining fully conversational with our trained therapists. Patients can opt for sessions with our therapists weekly or biweekly to help them properly process emotions and set the tone for the life they want to live.

Willow & Leaf, PLLC works in cooperation with Midwest Ketamine Center to provide clients with access to legal, medically monitored psychedelic ketamine treatment in Arlington Heights, IL. While Willow & Leaf supports clients in psychedelic preparation and integration (a special kind of talk therapy that occurs after a psychedelic experience), the team at Midwest Ketamine Center takes care of the client’s physical well-being. Already have a psychedelic provider established? Willow & Leaf & Midwest Ketamine Center provides integration and preparation for individuals engaged in clinical trials, ketamine therapy, and other forms of psychedelic medicine upon request.

Jordan (she/they) is a licensed clinical social worker with experience providing psychotherapy to youth and adults in English and Spanish. She received her Master’s in Social Work with certificates in Trauma-Informed Care and Culturally Responsive Mental Healthcare for Immigrant Families from the University of Chicago in 2018. Jordan orients their work on anti-oppressive and client-centered practices. Her clinical interests include chronic illness, sexual and gender identity development, treatment-resistant depression, trauma, codependency, and immigration.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy | Midwest Ketamine Center
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy | Midwest Ketamine Center

Physiologic Effects

Ketamine has several physiologic effects within our central nervous system. The most well known of those are related to its uses in anesthesia, pain management, and mood disorders. Since 2016, we have been treating patients with diagnosed Treatment Resistant Depression and Anxiety as well as certain pain conditions such as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. We are excited to offer this new service line to provide our patients with the best possible outcome.

Ego Death

Particularly at lower doses, researchers have established ketamine’s ability to reduce certain aspects within our personality which make it easier for us to process difficult situations or traumas we are currently experiencing, or ones we have experienced in the past. This transition within our personality is called “ego death,” and it facilitates a shift in perspective allowing us to properly process and internalize unresolved situations currently causing symptoms. 

Mood Disorders

Since we first started seeing patients, it became obvious that our mood disorder patients were able to achieve much better long term responses when they paired their IV infusions of ketamine with therapy, allowing them to integrate their experiences, determine causality for past and current mental roadblocks, and work towards goal setting unencumbered by the weight of self-blame. This therapy modality is useful for anyone who is struggling to deal with emotional distress, but particularly helpful for patients who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Off-Label Treatment

Ketamine therapy for mood disorders and pain syndromes is off-label, meaning it lacks FDA approval. It is safe off-label use of this medication as we administer it under a controlled setting with a physician monitoring you. Since the use of ketamine is off-label insurance companies or Medicaid/Medicare will not cover its use for treating depression. We can only accept cash or credit cards as payment. We cannot accept checks of any kind.