Ketamine helped my depression

Trying Ketamine as a means to help my depression was a big step in the right direction….

I’ve been depressed and struggling with suicidal tendencies since the age of 12 and have been trying various medications: Sertraline, Bupropion, Vyvanse, Aripiprazole, Venlafaxine, Latuda, .etc. for depression over the course of more than 5 years without avail. For me, the best that the medications could do is dampen my depression a bit, but my sadness still overwhelmed me; I was still struggling to get by. It got to the point where my psychiatrist was starting to recommend more, what I thought were, drastic procedures such as Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) that would have me put to sleep and induce a seizure I wasn’t too fond of the idea, especially because of memory related side effects. I would eventually end up spending -80 hours in-patient at a hospital for suicidal ideation and such, I really didn’t have any hopes of getting better or anything really changing. One thing my Therapist had recommended was to try Ketamine and I was scared and didn’t know what to expect.

I was a bit nervous walking in to the Ketamine Center for the first time, I met with Dr. Patel who gave me an honest overview of everything, and I was skeptical about it working for me at first because I had tried so much medication and been through various programs; I just had no faith in anything really. During my first infusions I was met with a very kind and caring staff. Talking with them at length, I genuinely believe that they care about people who come here, often in not the best state. One of the staff told me that they understand if a patient comes in and they happen to be angry or sad and they just want to do what they can to see if they could help them. I’ve been through various programs and such; I’ve seen kind staff members, mean and uncaring ones, and even some who treated me some-what sub-human for being in my depressed state — The people here have a very genuine want to help, and all of them understand what you may be going through.

After my six infusions during two weeks of visiting the Center every other week day, I actually missed seeing the staff. I had also felt that the deep hurting feeling of sadness was gone. I still feel sad, I don’t think I would feel human if I could no longer feel sadness, but I could manage it more effectively. Somethings that would make me sad for at the least two days was reduced to at the most an hour and a half; It takes time. Most of the time my brain is telling me to be sad when I barely feel the way I act and is gradually it’s getting better. I think that an instantaneous solution wouldn’t be a lasting one. After about a little more than a month and a half, my results were clear. I was someone who ran out of options and help as far as medication and from my therapist, and Ketamine has worked better than any antidepressant that I’ve ever had. I have even gotten off Latuda, an antidepressant medication that happened increased my anxiety, and feel fine if not better overall.

The last thing I want to mention – and I hate to change tone a bit here – is something that Dr. Patel probably tells all his patients; people who have untreatable depression can probably get help with Ketamine but there is a small chance that it doesn’t work for some. I can definitively say that its worth a shot, the odds (that are based on the people helped that come to this clinic) are in your favor, and it’s definitely worth trying if other things in the past haven’t worked. My experience was not bad at all, the worst part (which wasn’t bad at all, way better than some side effects from other depression meds) was the poke of the infusion needle that doesn’t really hurt at all. Give it a try; I would always recommend people like me to get this treatment, especially from Midwest Ketamine Center, a chance. Thank you for your time, and I wish you all the best.

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