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Our Mission

Chronic disease is a difficult journey that can steal time, comfort, and quality of life from patients and their families. At Midwest Ketamine, our goal is to provide empathy and a path back to normalcy through treatment. Because we have taken care of many patients with disabling mood disorders and pain syndromes, we understand that recovery is often a complex process, and our team is dedicated to supporting you however we are able. Leveraging years of experience and cutting-edge medical solutions, helping you feel better is our mission.

Vikas Patel, MD

Dr. Vikas Patel MD is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and also a veteran of the US Navy. He served as a Flight Surgeon for the majority of his military career and has seen firsthand the devastation that depression, PTSD, and chronic pain can bring to the lives of military service members. Through his clinical and administrative roles, he has witnessed the hurdles that hospitals and patients must overcome to obtain care and treatments such as ketamine. As ketamine treatments are off-label for this purpose, there are many legal obstacles, necessitating the existence of stand-alone clinics.

Dr. Patel is passionate about bridging this gap to provide hope for people searching for another option, often when everything else has failed. He is well-versed in the safe use of ketamine due to his inpatient experiences and will work with your providers to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes ketamine delivery. Ketamine may be an important step in rebuilding your life, and Dr. Patel would like to help make that a reality.

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Vickie Shah


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Ketamine Treatment

Are you suffering from a treatment-resistant mood disorder, migraines, chronic pain, or symptoms related to drug withdrawal? Learn more about how ketamine can help.