Self-medicating doesn’t help

I’m not sure where to begin. Depression and anxiety were the primary controlling force in my life for all of adulthood. These problems present themselves slowly, over time. So slowly, in fact, that you don’t notice it’s happening. I never finished even the most mundane of tasks. I thought I was just lazy. I never maintained friendships. I thought I was just a bad friend. I couldn’t keep a job for more than a year. I thought I was just a bad employee. I thought I didn’t fit into this world. Not a day went by that I didn’t longingly ponder my own death. It was a fantastical escape for my mind, one that I would never pursue, because I thought myself too cowardly. I was sure that my family was better off without me. I had convinced myself that I was somehow cancerous or corrosive, and that anyone that got too close to me would somehow be infected.

I spent years medicating myself with every illicit substance I could find. To be quite frank, I thought I was doing a bang up job of it.

My friends and family disagreed.

Sobriety brought more severe side effects. First I couldn’t function as a partner to my wife. Next, I could no longer function as an employee at a job that I loved. Finally, I couldn’t function as a father to our newborn daughter. With nothing left to lose, I came to Midwest Ketamine Center.

The morning after my second infusion, I woke up at 7 a.m., a time of day I had only seen through bloodshot eyes still awake from the day before. I cleaned up the kitchen. I walked my dog. I got coffee and breakfast for my wife. At some point on my way home it dawned on me. For the first time that I could remember, I was living! After spending years trying and failing different medications, all of which take up to a month to reach efficacy, I just woke up a different person.

I can’t guarantee my experience will be the same for others. I am in no way trying to act as a salesman for this establishment. I’m writing this to say thank you to Coleen, Janessa, and Dr. Patel. You have changed my life, or rather, returned it to me. Your empathy, understanding, and professionalism saved me. I hope that you may continue to do the same for as many people as you can.

Thank You.


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